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"There are few, if any, mediators who are willing to work as hard as George does to resolve a matter, including persistent follow up if the matter does not settle at the initial session."

Mike Long, Esq.
Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald LLP
Irvine, California

George Calkins is a widely recognized mediator/arbitrator of contract disputes of virtually any kind, including commercial, commercial leases, public works, and uniform commercial code transactions, contracts involving real estate, manufacturing, sales, entertainment, construction and intellectual property. He has mediated complicated disputes among manufacturers and contractors regarding responsibilities under their contracts. He has mediated commercial lease disputes involving multiple tenants and owners.

Representative contracts cases include the following complex disputes:

  • Cosmetic distributor and owner of salons (product pricing and allocation)
  • Dispute among shoe distributors (entitlement to designs of product line)
  • Partnership (dispute over medical equipment leases)
  • Marriott Hotel and retail shop, San Diego (lease dispute)
  • Private university, Pasadena (repair and placement of gymnasium floor)
  • Abbott Kenney commercial property, Venice (leasehold dispute)
  • Electrical equipment (supplier and subcontractor )
  • Coptic Church, Inland Empire (owner dispute with general contractor )
  • Master Sales Agreement (interpretation of agreement over supplies and contractors)
  • Charitable foundation (dispute over formulation documents)

What other experts say…

"I have found George Calkins to be a very effective mediator of construction disputes. He has an excellent understanding construction, contracts, and applicable law. He has the experience and skills to settle cases. I will use him again."

Mark Budwig, Esq.
McKenna & Cuneo

San Diego, California

"George Calkins grasps all issues and strategies immediately and pierces all arguments with deftness."

Gary V. Spencer, Esq.
Santa Ana, California

“I regard George Calkins as one of the top business case mediators currently working. He is always on our short list.”

Steven A. Nichols, Esq.
Rutan & Tucker LLP

Costa Mesa, California

"George Calkins is a well qualified mediator with the rare combination of experience and dedicated follow-through that combine to make him an excellent candidate for resolving complex, multi-party litigation. I have successfully used Mr. Calkins on many construction and non-construction related cases that seemed destined for trial, yet he successfully negotiated settlements. I would recommend Mr. Calkins as one of a handful of top notch Orange County or Los Angeles mediators."

Namvar A. Mokri, Esq.
Archer Norris

Newport Beach, California