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"I turn to George Calkins to resolve my toughest and most contentious cases. George is far more than smart, prepared, and superbly skilled in mediation techniques with little rival. What separates George from all but a few of his peers is that he understands the importance of time, insurance coverage and direct client participation in mediation. He is a quick study, does not waste time on minor issues or planned rhetoric, and gets the job done. My clients all remark how fast the dialogue turns on money and upon bringing settlement closure with George than in their prior mediation experiences."

Richard C. Ochoa, Esq.
Bryan Cave LLP

Santa Monica, California

George Calkins is an expert arbitrator/mediator in cases involving insurance coverage issues among insureds, primary and excess carriers, relating to all forms of business and construction disputes. He has resolved numerous coverage disputes involving first party casualty claims as well as third party liability claims. George Calkins resolves cases concerning the extent, nature and allocation of insurance coverage responsibility among numerous primary and excess insurance carriers, as well as to CIGA.

Representative insurance cases include the following:

  • Multi-family residential dispute, Palm Springs (casualty allocation claim between two insurers)
  • 1994 Northridge earthquake-damaged condominium project, Hollywood (allocation of earthquake and construction defect caused damage of multiple buildings – as to a coverage dispute among HOA casualty carrier and liability carriers for developer and subcontractors
  • Ethanol Plant, Kansas (complex casualty and business interruption claim)
  • Five Star Hotel Project, Santa Barbara (coverage dispute among primary and excess carriers)
  • Single Family Home development projects, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino and Orange counties (time on risk allocation and disputes among multiple insurance carriers)
  • Primary/Excess Coverage disputes as to resolution of hotel construction disputes in Las Vegas and Los Angeles
  • CIGA/Insurer Coverage disputes as to coverage as to projects in Los Angeles

What other experts say…

“George's working familiarity with construction and insurance issues contributes to his ability to effectively resolve complex construction disputes.”

Stephen J. Henning, Esq.
Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman LLP

Los Angeles and Costa Mesa, California

“Mr. Calkins has the unique ability to identify and resolve the key issues that must be addressed to achieve prompt resolution of matter. This has been particularly valuable and evident in multi-party construction matters and complex insurance coverage issues. As results are the final measure of a mediator's ability, it is notable that he has resolved EVERY ONE I have had with him.”

Ramiro Morales, Esq.
Morales and Gary

Pleasant Hill, California

"Let's face it -- some mediators try a little too hard to be pals with everyone. Others, in a hurry to talk money, give too short a shrift to the articulation of positions that really do need to be vetted before progress is made. Still others, while they may advance the ball, do so far too slowly. George Calkins doesn't fall into any of these categories. While he's twisted my arm with the best of them, I've never felt my clients received less than a fair hearing, and a fair shake, in one of his mediations."

James M. McFaul, Esq.
Minehan, McFaul & McLinn LLP

Santa Barbara, California