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"George reached resolution with single parties, groups, and finally the key defendants in ways that none of us thought possible. His interactions with the principals were pitch-perfect, demonstrating an understanding of human psychology that many neutrals profess to have, but ultimately lack. He was professional with counsel and held them in high regard both privately and with principals. Counsel on all sides praised his efforts, commitment and results."

Michael Stewart, Esq.
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

Los Angeles and Costa Mesa, California

George Calkins is nationally recognized as a mediator who has resolved complex disputes in California and the West. Experienced in all aspects of alternative dispute resolution, George Calkins partners with the parties and the courts to resolve even the most difficult cases in "an efficient and effective manner." “Far more than smart, prepared, and superbly skilled in mediation techniques… Calkins understands the importance of time … and direct client participation in mediation,” observes a colleague who has worked frequently with George.

With over twenty years of experience mediating complex cases involving multiple parties in disputes concerning sales, banking, insurance, partnership, contracts, residential projects, environmental, commercial, public works and manufacturing issues, Calkins is a recognized leader in resolving complex construction disputes involving numerous parties including design professionals, subcontractors, sureties, general contractors, and owners, as well as public agencies and large commercial entities. He brings in-depth knowledge and professional experience to strategic litigation analysis, investigation, negotiation, and mediated case resolution. "(H)is knowledge of tens of thousands of pages of documents was impressive,” notes a client.

George Calkins is especially adept in developing claims avoidance, mitigation and settlement strategies in complex multi-party cases. He “uses drive, skill, time investment and creativity in his proven efforts to settle matters,” observes one attorney. “George has unparalleled dedication to the cases and parties for which he provides his mediation and special master services."

Challenging cases since 2003 include:

  • Mediation of a complex dispute between five star hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and subcontractors in a renovation project dispute involving close-out, sub trade, delay, extra work and performance issues.
  • Mediation of a multi-million dollar dispute involving general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers involved in a resort project in Santa Barbara, California.
  • Mediation of Central High School project disputes among the Los Angeles Unified School District, the developer of the project and the general contractor.
  • Mediation of dispute involving a Five Star hotel in Ojai, California - disputes involving close-out issues, resolution of sub trade claims and performance issues as well as delay and extra work disputes
  • Mediation and arbitration of disputes among a school district and Fortune 500 company regarding the adequacy of installation of an electrical system. Mediated a settlement and then conducted an arbitration of a remaining energy savings dispute, involving an expedited arbitration and resolution of complicated issues.
  • Public works projects such as the Japantown Peace Plaza project, San Francisco,
  • Mediation of disputes regarding community centers in the cities of Walnut Creek, Long Beach, Laguna Hills, Los Angeles and San Pedro.

What other experts say…

“Relentless, very effective and has done his homework before arriving at the mediation. A real pleasure.”

Patricia Glaser, Esq.
Christensen, Glaser, Fink, Jacobs, Weil & Shapiro LLP

Los Angeles, California

“George Calkins is expert at politely side-stepping legal bluster and getting right to the core of the issue without offending counsel or alienating the parties in order to achieve a settlement where others have failed.”

Glenn Turner, Esq.
Gibbs, Giden, Locher & Turner LLP

Los Angeles, California

“George Calkins is recognized as one of the top mediator professionals by attorneys, courts, and judges. I have utilized his mediator services both as a defense and as a plaintiff's attorney for over 20 years. George's knowledge, work ethic, and dedication are superior. You can count on a positive result. I am proud to recommend his services.”

Jack A Lucas, Esq.
Kasdan, Simonds, Riley & Vaughan LLP

Irvine and Concord, California

“George has an exceptional ability to assimilate complex factual and legal positions, separate the important issues from those that are irrelevant, and move the parties toward a resolution His technical knowledge of construction issues is immense and his understanding of insurance coverage issues is unparalleled. Judges, Parties and their lawyers trust and respect him enormously and it is altogether appropriate that they should do so. George is simply among the very best mediators in practice today."

Robert S. Mann, Esq.
The Law Offices of Robert Mann

Los Angeles, California

“George Calkins is a hard-working and effective mediator who diligently and competently sees matters in which he is involved to fruition by amicable resolution. He has demonstrated thorough knowledge of all aspects of the law, including disputes regarding tortuous conduct, breach of contract, regulatory and statutory violations, and the myriad impacts of complicated facts in obtaining the necessary participation of insurance carriers to participate in the resolution process. Mr. Calkins has consistently made himself available to facilitate resolution in working with counsel, the individual parties, and the judiciary involved in the action. This firm would highly recommend Mr. Calkins to serve in any form of a complex matter, including commercial, residential, property, or insurance disputes.”

Kenneth S. Kasdan, Esq.
Kasdan, Simonds, Riley & Vaughan LLP

Irvine and Concord, California

“George Calkins has a talent for quickly and accurately gauging the issues, interests and personalities involved in a given matter in order to come up with solutions that even the most adversarial foes will accept. His fair and even-handed approach to each matter makes him a mediator that both sides of a dispute can trust.”

Lincoln V. Horton, Esq.
Selman & Breitman LLP

San Diego, California

"I have been practicing law for over eighteen years in both Southern California and Northern California. My clients and I have had the privilege of having George Calkins, Esq. serve as a Mediator in many complex construction litigation matters. George Calkins has never failed to foster a settlement in those actions, while gaining the trust and respect of all parties and participants in those Mediations. He is thoroughly professional in his preparation, knowledge of subject matter, and approach in mediating resolutions of construction conflicts."

Dana R. Corey, Esq.
Sweeney, Mason, Wilson & Bosomworth

Los Gatos, California

“George's years of litigation experience in the construction and insurance arenas give him a unique perspective for properly and cost effectively managing these cases. His experience in the courtroom, his professional demeanor and his vast knowledge base make him an excellent choice for arbitrating construction or insurance related disputes.”

David Lee, Esq.
Lee & Russell, PC

Las Vegas, Nevada

"I have taken many difficult cases to George Calkins, plaintiff and defense, and he has gotten the job done. His most valuable quality is his willingness to follow-up and not just give up if it does not resolve at the formal sessions."

Tim Hogan, Esq.
Law Offices of Timothy J. Hogan

Camarillo, California