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Partnering With Courts

George Calkins is an innovator in the use of mediated mandatory settlement conferences where he works together with judges of the Superior Court to efficiently resolve complex real estate, commercial, public works and construction disputes. He has worked extensively with judges of the Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Diego and San Bernardino County Superior Courts as well as Clark County, Nevada to conduct effective mediated mandatory and voluntary settlement conferences to resolve difficult disputes.

What the experts say...

“George, I just wanted to thank you for being able to work with you over the past six plus years conducting mediations and settlement conferences with you. You are truly The Master of Mediation. Your preparation and knowledge of the cases on which you serve as mediator are without parallel, which has made settlement a certainty in anything you touch. Thank you for the time you have spent as my mentor patiently teaching me the tips, tricks and techniques of mediation. I look forward to continuing to work with and learn from you in future mediations. Thank you again for everything.”

The Honorable Judge Victoria Chaney
Complex Departments

Los Angeles Superior Court

"George, without your hard work and effort above and beyond the call of a mediator's duty, we never could have settled the problematic (high-end) case. You are the best!"

The Honorable Judge Stephen Sundvold
Complex Departments

Orange County Superior Court

“I have conducted several Mandatory Settlement Conferences where George was the Mediator. He was innovative and effective and I have never worked with anyone more knowledgeable.”

The Honorable Judge Jonathan Cannon
Complex Departments
Orange County Superior Court

Santa Ana, California

“…George Calkins combines an encyclopedic knowledge of the law with wit and bon homme that is rare to find. He possesses all of the qualities in abundance that anyone would want in a dispute resolution neutral."

The Honorable Judge Kevin W. Midlam
San Diego Superior Court, Retired

San Diego, California