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Professional Negligence

"George's past life as a real trial lawyer gives him a depth of experience, especially in the construction arena, which most mediators simply don't have."

Brian Stewart, Esq.
Collins, Collins, Muir & Stewart, LLD
Pasadena, California

George Calkins brings years of experience to resolving professional negligence disputes involving attorneys, accountants, engineers, architects, real estate brokers, healthcare and other professionals. He facilitates successful interaction between insurance carriers and their insured professionals in order to develop the requisite consent for settlement.

George has developed and implemented strategies for resolving complex issues that arise in professional negligence cases. He is familiar with specialized codes and regulations that impact the duties and responsibilities of professionals, including those impacting structural, electrical, or mechanical issues and conditions that can be hazardous to worker health and safety. He has extensive experience as to mediating design professional aspects of toxic and environmental claims, as well as in depth experience resolving disputes relating to alleged insurance broker and real estate broker malpractice.

Examples of George's experience in the professional negligence field include:

  • Dispute regarding the alleged failure of a civil engineer to properly evaluate the drainage
    requirements of a natural watershed adjacent to a commercial office park in Ventura County
  • Alleged failure of a structural engineer to property calculate and account for the loading factors as to an aerospace research development facility
  • Alleged failure of mechanical engineer to properly design the features of an Orange County "Smart Building"
  • Alleged failure of an attorney to properly represent a developer in a multi- party construction defect case in the Inland Empire
  • Alleged failure of a structural engineers to properly calculate and account for the forces impacting a metal support system for a shppping center roof in Eugene Oregon
  • Alleged failure of an accountant to properly track the coast factors impacting a development firm's profitability in Nevada
  • Alleged failure of electrical and mechanical engineers to properly analyze the power production capacity of a power plant in Orange County
  • Complex dispute regarding alleged failure of brokers to disclose material facts involving complex real estate transactions in San Francisco

What other experts say:

"George and I butted heads many times over the years, always on opposite sides, so I had my doubts when I was brought into a matter shortly before a mediation in which George had already been selected as mediator. He did a terrific job, however, in settling that case and several others since then. He is creative, is comfortable in complex cases and has a great ability to keep people talking to one another…."

Douglas C. Purdy, Esq.
Morris, Polich & Purdy LLP
Los Angeles, California