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Public Works

"George Calkins most recent mediation for us resolved a very complex dispute with a public owner. Mr. Calkins is knowledgeable about construction and construction law and treats all parties with respect. He is capable of effective persuasion and enlightens all parties to their strengths and weaknesses. It is my experience that he gets the job done."

Luke Argilla, Esq.
Senior VP & General Counsel
Swinerton, Inc.
San Francisco, California

George Calkins is a premier mediator/arbitrator of complex public works projects involving diverse public agencies, as well as general contractors and subcontractors, their sureties, and design professionals and contractors who design and build public works projects. He is an expert in resolving conflicts regarding closeout, delay, disruption and extra work issues among public project participants.

Representative public works cases include the following complex disputes:

  • Toll road/freeway project, Orange County
  • Japantown Peace Plaza, San Francisco ( massive leakage)
  • Interstate 5 and 110 Freeway (substantial welding defects)
  • Central High School, Los Angeles (construction project)
  • Public school renovation projects, Orange, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
  • Refuge transfer station closeout (Los Angeles)
  • John Wayne International Airport, Orange County (runway projects)
  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Los Angeles County (building construction)
  • Water District, Orange County (closeout dispute regarding system performance)
  • Yolo County, Northern California (road resurfacing)
  • Bridge construction, Orange Country
  • Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties (infrastructure issues, including sewer, storm drain and water systems)
  • Freeze shoring technology as to sewer replacement project under Los Angeles Harbor
  • Fresno, California (federal and public housing project closeout)

What other experts say…

“It is nearly impossible to successfully mediate construction disputes without a detailed knowledge of the construction process and the practices of the construction industry. George Calkins has penetrating insight into both. He also has the crucial skill of educating and empowering the client to make rational decisions without making the client feel insulted or dismissed by the mediator.”

David M. Robinson, Esq.
University Counsel

Office of the General Counsel
Oakland, California

"George Calkins is simply the most effective construction dispute mediator I have ever encountered. Whether the claims are sophisticated delay analysis involving critical path schedules or homeowner complaints over defective tile, he brings the same intensity and understanding to both the issues involved and takes into account the practical, financial and sometimes emotional investment of each side to the dispute. He also brings a refreshing sense of humor and wit to the proceedings so the attorneys are more relaxed and less prone to gladiator behavior. George's softer side is effective because the clients can relax knowing that George is genuinely concerned about their case and reaching a fair resolution yet he still can laser down on recalcitrant or unreasonable counsel or clients when the situation requires such action. We have selected George as mediator in dozens of cases and in every matter he is fully prepared, completely focused and extremely effective."

David M. Orbach, Esq.
Orbach, Huff & Suarez LLP

Los Angeles, California

"George gets cases settled. I knew George as a litigator, and consequently, am glad he is now a mediator. But it is George's substantial skill as a litigator which lends to his ability to first determine where the common ground should be and then assist the parties with getting there."

David M. Huff, Esq.
Orbach, Huff & Suarez LLP,

Los Angeles, California