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What peers and clients say about George Calkins

"George Calkins most recent mediation for us resolved a very complex dispute with a public owner. Mr. Calkins is knowledgeable about construction and construction law and treats all parties with respect. He is capable of effective persuasion and enlightens all parties to their strengths and weaknesses. It is my experience that he gets the job done."

Luke Argilla, Esq.
Senior VP & General Counsel
Swinerton, Inc.

San Francisco, California

"George takes the time and effort 24/7 to dig in and settle cases, even where the parties are at a perceived "real" impasse. He adds value in sophisticated litigation."

Keith J. Bremer, Esq.
Bremer Whyte Brown & O’Meara, LLP
Newport Beach and Woodland Hills, California
Las Vegas, Nevada
Phoenix, Arizona

"I have found George Calkins to be a very effective mediator of construction disputes. He has an excellent understanding construction, contracts, and applicable law. He has the experience and skills to settle cases. I will use him again."

Mark Budwig, Esq.
McKenna & Cuneo

San Diego, California

“George, I just wanted to thank you for being able to work with you over the past six plus years conducting mediations and settlement conferences with you. You are truly The Master of Mediation. Your preparation and knowledge of the cases on which you serve as mediator are without parallel, which has made settlement a certainty in anything you touch. Thank you for the time you have spent as my mentor patiently teaching me the tips, tricks and techniques of mediation. I look forward to continuing to work with and learn from you in future mediations. Thank you again for everything.”

The Honorable Judge Victoria Chaney
Complex Departments
Los Angeles Superior Court

“I have conducted several Mandatory Settlement Conferences where George was the Mediator. He was innovative and effective and I have never worked with anyone more knowledgeable.”

The Honorable Judge Jonathan Cannon
Complex Departments
Orange County Superior Court

Santa Ana, California

"Knows construction. Knows insurance. Follows through. He is determined and effective."

Joel B. Castro, Esq.
Castro & Associates

Los Angeles, California

“George's approach to multi-party, complex matters is efficient and effective. His knowledge of coverage and the process allows him to influence the parties to actively pursue resolution, rather than just attend another mediation.”

James Cole, Esq.
Procter, McCarthy & Slaughter LLP

Ventura, California

"George combines extreme talent and intellect, with brute logic, HD clarity, and affability. He makes you understand why you settled and at the right amount. A sign of competence is business referred from your peers. A sign of greatness is business referred from adversaries. George achieves both."

Phillip J. Collias, Esq.
Lockton Insurance Brokers, Inc

Irvine, California

"In multiple party mediations, George Calkins grasps the key issues, strengths, weaknesses and dynamics of each party's position and effectively employs these assessments to persuade parties to realistically evaluate their case. He is tireless and focused in his efforts while always maintaining control of and civility in the mediation process. George is certainly recognized by California Construction Lawyers as among the top 3 or 4 mediators of complex contract and construction matters in the West."

Richard D. Corona, Esq.
The Corona Firm, Inc.

San Diego, California

"I have been practicing law for over eighteen years in both Southern California and Northern California. My clients and I have had the privilege of having George Calkins, Esq. serve as a Mediator in many complex construction litigation matters. George Calkins has never failed to foster a settlement in those actions, while gaining the trust and respect of all parties and participants in those Mediations. He is thoroughly professional in his preparation, knowledge of subject matter, and approach in mediating resolutions of construction conflicts."

Dana R. Corey, Esq.
Sweeney, Mason, Wilson & Bosomworth

Los Gatos, California

"Knowledgeable, Creative, Persuasive & Effective, George Calkins finds a way to bring parties together and resolve their issues."

John P. Dacey, Esq.
Bergman & Dacey, Inc.

Los Angeles, California

"One of only a few really skilled mediators, George is committed to going the extra mile to reaching a practical settlement."

John Darling, Esq.
Hunt, Ortmann, Palffy, Nieves, Lubka, Darling & Mah, Inc.

Pasadena, California

“George is one of the most knowledgeable, creative and tenacious mediators I have encountered. I highly recommend him for even the most difficult and complex multi-party cases.”

Greg Dillion, Esq.
Newmeyer & Dillion

Newport Beach, California

“George Calkins successfully mediated technically complex disputes stemming from the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant for me. Overall, I was impressed with Calkins as a mediator, and would not hesitate to use him again."

Scott Douglass, Esq.
Farella, Braun & Martel LLP

San Francisco, California

"George Calkins is, simply stated, one of the best mediators of construction disputes in Southern California. When I am need of a mediator for a challenging case, George is usually at the top of my list."

Jack W. Fleming, Esq.
Musick, Peeler & Garrett LLP

Costa Mesa, California

“In a discussion I had with someone the other day when we were talking about mediators, they referred to the "bearded wizard of Los Angeles." I said in response: "Are you referring to George or the other bearded one?" The answer I got back was "George, of course.”

Jack W. Fleming, Esq.
Musick, Peeler & Garrett LLP

Costa Mesa, California

"George. Calkins is both organized and prepared when he begins the mediation. He works quickly to identify and focus on key issues which need to be resolved before settlement can be reached. He develops a working relationship with all parties involved and develops a bond of trust. He has been successful in most of the cases in which my firm has been involved."

Thomas A. Foster, Esq.
Marrone, Robinson, Frederick $ Foster

Burbank, California

"George makes himself available for all sides as needed, and his involvement does not end until the details have been addressed so that the settlement sticks. His ability to maintain a sense of humor and perspective goes a long way to relieving the anxiety and stress that are inherent in these cases, makes working with him enjoyable."

Robert M. Freedman, Esq.
Tharpe & Howell

Sherman Oaks, California

"George cares about the process and is determined to see that justice is done. He also has the knowledge and background to understand the complexities of a case."

Jerry L. Freedman, Esq.
Sherman Oaks, California

"George Calkins is one of the most effective mediators I have ever used in both real estate and construction defect related matters. He understands the dynamics of insurance and is extremely knowledgeable about construction. Particularly on matters involving unique issues of law or emotionally charged parties, I know George will be able to help me resolve the matter short of trial."

Elaine K. Fresch, Esq.
Selman & Breitman LLP

Los Angeles, California

“Relentless, very effective and has done his homework before arriving at the mediation. A real pleasure.”

Patricia Glaser, Esq.
Christensen, Glaser, Fink, Jacobs, Weil & Shapiro LLP

Los Angeles, California

“George possesses a rare combination of real-world experience, intelligence and a keen sense of what motivates litigants and decision makers, and has used those qualities to successfully resolve every case he has mediated for my firm.”

Bjorn Green, Esq.
Demler, Armstrong & Rowland LLP

Long Beach, California

"George Calkins has an incredible ability to see beyond the attorneys' advocacy and to identify the primary impediments to settlement. He then focuses his efforts there. He is a highly-skilled mediator."

Robert L. Green, Esq.
Green & Hall

Santa Ana, California

"George Calkins is absolutely one of the best construction-disputes mediators in the business. He’s knowledgeable, relentless and effective."

Ted R. Gropman, Esq.
Woodland Hills, California

"Whenever I have a difficult construction defect case, with large exposures and problematic insurance coverage issues, I use George. I know I am in capable hands and that he will be tenacious in the pursuant of a fair global resolution."

A. Raymond Hamrick III, Esq.
Hamrich & Evans

Universal City, California

"If you are interested in a mediator who is smart, insightful, can work with any personality, knows how to close a deal, and is a pleasure to work with, you've found the right guy. If you're not, good luck in trial."

John D. Hanover, Esq.
Peckar & Abramson, PC

Los Angeles, California

"In my view, George Calkins is among the top construction mediators in the state. He knows the players, he knows the issues and he knows how to get it done. It is unlikely that you will raise a liability issue, a coverage issue or a technical issue that he has not previously dealt with. He takes the time necessary to bring the parties together, but doesn't waste time on irrelevant issues. George is the real deal, an excellent mediator."

Mark R. Hartney, Esq.
Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP

Los Angeles, California

“George's working familiarity with construction and insurance issues contributes to his ability to effectively resolve complex construction disputes.”

Stephen J. Henning, Esq.
Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman LLP

Los Angeles and Costa Mesa, California

"I have taken many difficult cases to George Calkins, plaintiff and defense, and he has gotten the job done. His most valuable quality is his willingness to follow-up and not just give up if it does not resolve at the formal sessions."

Tim Hogan, Esq.
Law Offices of Timothy J. Hogan

Camarillo, California

“George Calkins has a talent for quickly and accurately gauging the issues, interests and personalities involved in a given matter in order to come up with solutions that even the most adversarial foes will accept. His fair and even-handed approach to each matter makes him a mediator that both sides of a dispute can trust.”

Lincoln V. Horton, Esq.
Selman & Breitman LLP

San Diego, California

"George gets cases settled. I knew George as a litigator, and consequently, am glad he is now a mediator. But it is George's substantial skill as a litigator which lends to his ability to first determine where the common ground should be and then assist the parties with getting there."

David M. Huff, Esq.
Orbach, Huff & Suarez LLP

Los Angeles, California

“George Calkins is a hard-working and effective mediator who diligently and competently sees matters in which he is involved to fruition by amicable resolution. He has demonstrated thorough knowledge of all aspects of the law, including disputes regarding tortuous conduct, breach of contract, regulatory and statutory violations, and the myriad impacts of complicated facts in obtaining the necessary participation of insurance carriers to participate in the resolution process. Mr. Calkins has consistently made himself available to facilitate resolution in working with counsel, the individual parties, and the judiciary involved in the action. This firm would highly recommend Mr. Calkins to serve in any form of a complex matter, including commercial, residential, property, or insurance disputes.”

Kenneth S. Kasdan, Esq.
Kasdan, Simonds, Riley & Vaughan LLP

Irvine and Concord, California

"George is one of the most respected construction mediators in California. He has a tremendous knowledge of general construction practices as well as the law. He is fair to both sides and is very good at getting the parties to see the strong points and the weak points about their respective positions. He puts the utmost effort into each mediation, often staying in communication with the parties after hours throughout the mediation process. He is always accessible. Our firm has experience with him on construction defect and public works matters. I would give him my highest recommendation and would be glad to share my personal views with anyone interested.”

Kyle D. Kring, Esq.
Kring & Chung

Irvine, California

"Mr. Calkins served as the mediator in a very large, very complex lawsuit regarding both construction defect issues and product liability issues. He showed extreme dedication to resolving the case, and his knowledge of the tens of thousands of pages of documents was impressive. George was diligent in keeping communications open, through formal mediation sessions, informal meetings, phone calls and emails; after many months of effort, the case was successfully resolved, with all parties satisfied with the result."

James J. Jackson, Esq.
Thorndal, Armstrong, Delk, Balkenbush & Eisinger

Las Vegas, Nevada

"I have found George to be a skilled mediator. His knowledge of the law coupled with his ability to pinpoint the issues in dispute and find common ground has proven to be highly effective even in the most difficult of cases. On top of all this, George is simply a great guy with a likeable personality and charm that makes him a pleasure to work with."

Joseph Kaneda, Esq.
Feinberg Grant Mayfield Kaneda & Litt LLP

Newport Beach, California

"In a most charming and disarming way, George Calkins is able to wear down the parties to the point that they will do anything to settle the case--the obvious goal of a mediator. The key thing for me is that he got the job done."

Marilyn Klinger, Esq.
Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold LLP

Los Angeles, CA 90017

"George has the depth of knowledge from both a plaintiff and defense prospective concerning the key issues of liability, damages, indemnity, and insurance necessary to effectively mediate any construction dispute. Further, he has the tenacity necessary to enlighten parties as to the wisdom of a fair mediated resolution. He has my highest recommendation."

Keith D. Koeller, Esq.
Koeller, Nebeker, Carlson & Haluck LLP

Irvine, California

"George Calkins is patient, tenacious and knowledgeable. He listens well to all parties and finds the common ground necessary to craft a settlement, and his abilities extend to all manner of legal disputes."

Ira D. Lebovic, Esq.
The Law Offices of Ira D. Lebovic
General Counsel,
Capital Pacific Development Company, Inc.

Newport Beach, California

"George Calkins' strongest assets are his credibility and tireless work ethic. He settles complex cases at every phase of litigation, and that is the measure of an exceptional mediator."

Bennett J. Lee, Esq.
Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald LLP

San Francisco, California

“George's years of litigation experience in the construction and insurance arenas give him a unique perspective for properly and cost effectively managing these cases. His experience in the courtroom, his professional demeanor and his vast knowledge base make him an excellent choice for arbitrating construction or insurance related disputes.”

David Lee, Esq.
Lee & Russell, PC

Las Vegas, Nevada

"George Calkins has been a repeat guest speaker in my Construction Management class at UCLA Extension for over 15 years, during which we have seen approximately 1500 students come through the class. George is an engaging speaker; uses humor and real world examples to keep the interest of the students. The students have always commented about the current and relevant issues that Mr. Calkins addresses, and have rated him very highly every quarter."

Sean Leonard, Esq.
The Law Offices of Sean Leonard

Camarillo, California

"George thoroughly understands the design and construction process, and the needs of the parties to a dispute. He is tenacious in his efforts to find a successful resolution, and will "go the extra mile" to get there. George is able to quickly assimilate the facts and issues of even the most complex disputes, and gain the confidence of the parties in finding a mediated solution."

Ted D. Levin
Morris Polich & Purdy LLP

Los Angeles, California

"George Calkins is a highly skilled and effective construction mediator, with an almost uncanny ability to grasp issues in the most complex of cases, and with the skill to effectively communicate with parties, attorneys and adjusters in a constructive and effective manner."

Rodney T. Lewin, Esq.
Law Offices of Rodney T. Lewin

Beverly Hills, California

“Over 20 years, I have been involved in hundreds of days of mediation/ arbitration. I have had the good fortune of having many of these cases either mediated or arbitrated by George Calkins. I have found that George's significant experience as a construction defect lawyer coupled with his knowledge of insurance law and pragmatism to be a great recipe for successful resolution of cases. I believe that George is one of the finest construction defect mediators in Southern California.”

David A. Loewenthal, Esq.
Loewenthal, Hillshafer & Rosen LLP

Sherman Oaks, California

"There are few, if any, mediators who are willing to work as hard as George does to resolve a matter, including persistent follow up if the matter does not settle at the initial session."

Mike Long, Esq.
Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald LLP

Irvine, California

‘I have worked with many excellent mediators over the years and have found that George Calkins notable among them in that he consistently brings his special intelligence and deliberate approach to construction mediations. George truly treats every mediation as capable of resolution and, seemingly, never walks away from the process. More importantly, he spends the time to not only learn the case, but also to get to know the party representatives to get to know what makes them tick. It is always a pleasure to work with George.”

Laurence P. Lubka, Esq.
Hunt Ortmann Palffy Nieves Lubka Darling & Mah, Inc.

Pasadena, California

“George Calkins is recognized as one of the top mediator professionals by attorneys, courts, and judges. I have utilized his mediator services both as a defense and as a plaintiff's attorney for over 20 years. George's knowledge, work ethic, and dedication are superior. You can count on a positive result. I am proud to recommend his services.”

Jack A Lucas, Esq.
Kasdan, Simonds, Riley & Vaughan LLP

Irvine and Concord, California

“George has an exceptional ability to assimilate complex factual and legal positions, separate the important issues from those that are irrelevant, and move the parties toward a resolution of even the most difficult cases in an efficient and effective manner. His technical knowledge of construction issues is immense and his understanding of insurance coverage issues is unparalleled. Judges, Parties and their lawyers trust and respect him enormously and it is altogether appropriate that they should do so. George is simply among the very best mediators in practice today."

Robert S. Mann, Esq.
The Law Offices of Robert Mann

Los Angeles, California

“George is an effective mediator due to his extensive legal background, experience with complex construction cases and his unique style to resolution. Bottom line is that he gets the job done!”

Ed Martinet AIC, CPC

Carlsbad, CA 92008

"George has been instrumental in resolving a number of (complex) cases, as a result of his intricate knowledge of construction issues and process, willingness to work very hard, effective communication with principals and tenacious follow up if the matter is not settled during the first session."

David McPherson, Esq.
Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald LLP

Irvine, California

"Let's face it -- some mediators try a little too hard to be pals with everyone. Others, in a hurry to talk money, give too short a shrift to the articulation of positions that really do need to be vetted before progress is made. Still others, while they may advance the ball, do so far too slowly. George Calkins doesn't fall into any of these categories. While he's twisted my arm with the best of them, I've never felt my clients received less than a fair hearing, and a fair shake, in one of his mediations."

James M. McFaul, Esq.
Minehan, McFaul & McLinn LLP

Santa Barbara, California

“George and I taught a two and one-half day course on the handling of complex construction defect cases by lawyers and mediators for a number of years at the Strauss Institute at Pepperdine Law School. During this time I got to know George very well and to assess his capabilities as a lawyer and a mediator. In both respects I found George to be outstanding. He combines an encyclopedic knowledge of the law with wit and bon homme that is rare to find. In addition to my personal observations I have been privy to the evaluations that he received from the participants in our classes as well as his reputation in the general legal community and found them to be consonant with my observations. George possesses all of the qualities in abundance that anyone would want in a dispute resolution neutral."

The Honorable Judge Kevin W. Midlam
San Diego Superior Court, Retired

San Diego, California

"George Calkins is a well qualified mediator with the rare combination of experience and dedicated follow-through that combine to make him an excellent candidate for resolving complex, multi-party litigation. I have successfully used Mr. Calkins on many construction and non-construction related cases that seemed destined for trial, yet he successfully negotiated settlements. I would recommend Mr. Calkins as one of a handful of top notch Orange County or Los Angeles mediators."

Namvar A. Mokri, Esq.
Archer Norris

Newport Beach, California

“I have represented developers, general contractors and subcontractors in approximately fifty cases where George Calkins acted as mediator. He is one of the top construction mediators in California and is particularly good at resolving difficult cases.”

Michael T. Montgomery, Esq.
Waters, McCluskey & Boehle

El Segundo, California

“Mr. Calkins has the unique ability to identify and resolve the key issues that must be addressed to achieve prompt resolution of matter. This has been particularly valuable and evident in multi-party construction matters and complex insurance coverage issues. As results are the final measure of a mediator's ability, it is notable that he has resolved EVERY ONE I have had with him.”

Ramiro Morales, Esq.
Morales and Gary

Pleasant Hill, California

"George presents a congenial mediator who provides a thoughtful analysis of complex issues which has assisted me in resolving a number of challenging cases involving a wide range of real estate disputes."

Edward F. Morrison, Jr., Esq.
The Morrison Law Group

Los Angeles, California

"George is a Closer, which is needed for a good mediator. Unlike other mediators who put their eight hours in and go home, George works hard 8, 10, 12 hours, or whatever it takes, often with follow up effort in the days or weeks to come. George is in an elite group of only a few mediators in California we use voluntarily for our difficult and contentious construction claims."

Robert C. Niesley, Esq.
Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald LLP

Irvine, California

“I regard George Calkins as one of the top business case mediators currently working. He is always on our short list.”

Steven A. Nichols, Esq.
Rutan & Tucker LLP

Costa Mesa, California

"I turn to George Calkins to resolve my toughest and most contentious cases. George is far more than smart, prepared, and superbly skilled in mediation techniques with little rival. What separates George from all but a few of his peers is that he understands the importance of time, insurance coverage and direct client participation in mediation. He is a quick study, does not waste time on minor issues or planned rhetoric, and gets the job done. My clients all remark how fast the dialogue turns on money and upon bringing settlement closure with George than in their prior mediation experiences."

Richard C. Ochoa, Esq.
Bryan Cave LLP

Santa Monica, California

"I have utilized George Calkins as a mediator and arbitrator in numerous matters, with great success, including matters that began the alternative dispute resolution process with other mediators. He is prepared, organized, and has a knack for getting to the root of the dispute without wasted effort."

John O'Meara, Esq.
Bremer Whyte Brown & O'Meara, LLP

Newport Beach and Woodland Hills, California
Las Vegas, Nevada
Phoenix, Arizona

"George Calkins is simply the most effective construction dispute mediator I have ever encountered. Whether the claims are sophisticated delay analysis involving critical path schedules or homeowner complaints over defective tile, he brings the same intensity and understanding to both the issues involved and takes into account the practical, financial and sometimes emotional investment of each side to the dispute. He also brings a refreshing sense of humor and wit to the proceedings so the attorneys are more relaxed and less prone to gladiator behavior. George's softer side is effective because the clients can relax knowing that George is genuinely concerned about their case and reaching a fair resolution yet he still can laser down on recalcitrant or unreasonable counsel or clients when the situation requires such action. We have selected George as mediator in dozens of cases and in every matter he is fully prepared, completely focused and extremely effective."

David M. Orbach, Esq.
Orbach, Huff & Suarez LLP

Los Angeles, California

“Many times the Experts get caught up in the issues, the Lawyers in the law, the Insurance Representatives in coverage and the aggrieved parties in the anger; but few put the components together into a complete picture with a focus on resolution as quickly as George Calkins does. When I hear I am going in front of Mr. Calkins I feel confident that my points will be considered; provided they are properly presented and supported with two independent Industry sources.”

Ernest Orchard, Claims Consultant
Los Angeles, California

"George is terrific at softening the hard edges of a multi-faceted complex construction dispute into a settlement. His extensive factual and legal knowledge of construction issues, combined with his insightful probing of litigants, enables him to bring the parties to common ground and settle cases where others have failed. Many talk the talk, but George actually delivers results. A true master of the craft.”

Joe Potocki, Esq.
Balestreri, Pendleton & Potocki

San Diego, California

"I have worked extensively with George Calkins as a mediator on various actions including large construction defect lawsuits and business interruption claims. In each case, no matter the size or complexity, George Calkins has been instrumental in securing a favorable result for all the parties involved. What sets George Calkins apart from most other mediators is his hands on approach and his relentless drive to effectuate a timely resolution. George Calkins' extensive experience as a litigator assists the parties in focusing on issues often overlooked and to chart a path to ultimate resolution. Additionally, I would be remiss not to mention that part of the joy with working with George Calkins is his good nature and wit. I will continue to use George Calkins as a mediator and would highly recommend his services to others."

Peter K. Pritchard, Esq.
Koletsky, Mancini, Feldman & Morrow

Los Angeles, California

"George and I butted heads many times over the years, always on opposite sides, so I had my doubts when I was brought into a matter shortly before a mediation in which George had already been selected as mediator. He did a terrific job, however, in settling that case and several others since then. He is creative, is comfortable in complex cases and has a great ability to keep people talking to one another. He is most definitely on my list of top construction mediators."

Douglas C. Purdy, Esq.
Morris, Polich & Purdy LLP

Los Angeles, California

“George has a wealth of knowledge of the construction industry from his many years of experience as a lawyer practicing in the field. Combine this background with a sense of humor and an ability to see alternative paths to resolution, and you have a recipe for a successful mediation."

Craig A. Ramseyer, Esq.
Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

San Diego, California

“George Calkins learns the case, works to develop a strategic plan and then implements it with the skills of an accomplished and effective diplomat. It is rare to find these qualities, and this commitment, in one mediator."

Terry Riedy, Esq.
Canepa, Riedy, Rubino & Lattie

Las Vegas, Nevada

“It is nearly impossible to successfully mediate construction disputes without a detailed knowledge of the construction process and the practices of the construction industry. George Calkins has penetrating insight into both. He also has the crucial skill of educating and empowering the client to make rational decisions without making the client feel insulted or dismissed by the mediator.”

David M. Robinson, Esq.
University Counsel
Office of the General Counsel

Oakland, California

"The content of the courses created by George and the generous sharing of his experiences (at the Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution) exceeded the expectations of a discerning clientele: late career attorneys and judges. He is not only qualified and gifted as a mediator, but also has the personality and communication skills that make him an excellent educator."

Peter Robinson, Esq.
Managing Director
Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution

Pepperdine University School of Law

"George is one of the best mediators that I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. I have learned much from George, which I have put to use as both a litigator and now as a mediator myself. I give George two thumbs up!"

Alexander Robertson, IV, Esq.
Robertson & Vick LLP

Calabasas, California

“I have been involved in half dozen or more major construction dispute mediations with George Calkins as the mediator. Remarkably, he settled them all.”

Theodore L. Senet, Esq.
Gibbs, Giden, Locher & Turner LLP

Los Angeles, California

"George Calkins' ability to get to the heart of the matter, and move the parties along toward their mutual salvation, is on par with the best in this business."

Peter C. Sheridan, Esq.
Christensen, Glaser, Fink, Jacobs, Weil & Shapiro LLP

Los Angeles, California

"George truly is one of the best mediators in town. We currently get the opportunity to utilize George's services in the construction defect arena, where he rates as one of the best. He can settle very difficult issues because he "shores up the process" at each step along the way. He has a convincing personality which moves the process forward at each juncture. This allows him to settle some very difficult matters, which would probably not settle otherwise. His ability and true desire to rise to the challenge of these tougher cases sets him apart from the rest."

Mark J. Skapik, Esq.
Law Offices of Mark J. Skapik, APCC

Claremont, California

"I had the opportunity to work with George as a Project Neutral on a project with a school district. In the current contract with the district, the contractor and district mutually agreed to employ a third party so that the parties can present detailed discussions and evidence concerning their claims. George was extremely accommodating of the parties' need to present their positions and allowed hours of face time while lending an ear and providing his views on entitlement "calling balls and strikes" as we went through the day. In the end it felt like a mini trial and concluded with a negotiated settlement due in large part to George's mediation skills."

Craig A. Sorensen, President
Nitro Associates

Pasadena, California

"George Calkins grasps all issues and strategies immediately and pierces all arguments with deftness."

Gary V. Spencer, Esq.
Santa Ana, California

"If you need to get a case resolved quickly, George is excellent."

Adam Springel, Esq.
Springel & Fink LLP

Las Vegas, Nevada
Costa Mesa, California

"George has all the knowledge and skills needed to navigate clients successfully through the often unfathomable waters of construction mediation. His focus on protecting the client's bottom line is always appreciated."

Thomas R. Stanton, Esq.
Associate General Counsel
Marriott International Inc.

Bethesda, Maryland

"We consider George a valuable member of the negotiation team. We use him because he consistently achieves good results and regularly delivers results which have exceeded our expectations."

David Stern RPA, Vice President
West Coast Casualty Service, Inc.
Third Party Administrators - Claims Adjusters - Private Investigators

Simi Valley, California

"George's past life as a real trial lawyer gives him a depth of experience, especially in the construction arena, which most mediators simply don't have."

Brian Stewart, Esq.
Collins, Collins, Muir & Stewart, LLD

Pasadena, California

"George reached resolution with single parties, groups, and finally the key defendants in ways that none of us thought possible. His interactions with the principals were pitch-perfect, demonstrating an understanding of human psychology that many neutrals profess to have, but ultimately lack. He was professional with counsel and held them in high regard both privately and with principals. Counsel on all sides praised his efforts, commitment and results."

Michael Stewart, Esq.
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

Los Angeles and Costa Mesa, California

"George resolved a complex construction case that, in the opinion of all of us, could never be settled. His determined approach and disarming demeanor were critical. My client, who rejected a prior mediator's efforts, ultimately praised George for being "like a bulldog that just won't let go or give up."

Michael Stewart, Esq.
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

Los Angeles and Costa Mesa, California

"George, without your hard work and effort above and beyond the call of a mediator's duty, we never could have settled the problematic (high-end) case. You are the best!"

The Honorable Judge Stephen Sundvold
Complex Departments

Orange County Superior Court

"Annoying, pestering, bold, and painfully honest. I put up with all of this from George because he is so amazingly effective. One of the best closers in the business."

Jonathan Terry, Esq.
Ulich & Terry LLP

Irvine, California

“George is able to successfully resolve difficult cases with sometimes challenging clients. He works hard and effectively in getting tough cases resolved and does so rather efficiently.”

Serge Tomassian, Esq.
Throckmorton, Beckstrom & Tomassian LLP

Irvine, California

“George Calkins is expert at politely side-stepping legal bluster and getting right to the core of the issue without offending counsel or alienating the parties in order to achieve a settlement where others have failed.”

Glenn Turner, Esq.
Gibbs, Giden, Locher & Turner LLP

Los Angeles, California

“George has unparalleled dedication to the cases and parties for which he provides his mediation and special master services. He is relentless in his pursuit of a fair resolution and settlement of even the most difficult cases. George uses drive, skill, time investment and creativity in his proven efforts to settle matters.”

Candace M. Van den Bosch, Esq.
Law Offices of Candace M. Van den Bosch

Aliso Viejo, California

"George Calkins is an effective mediator in complex multi-party cases. He has a unique ability to identify the driving issues of the case. He understands construction terminology and can intelligently discuss the defects involved in the case. He develops a working relationship with the counsel for the parties and is devoted to settling the case."

Richard W. Vanis, Jr.
Managing Partner of
The Los Angeles Office of Archer Norris

Los Angeles, California

“George has the hands-on career experience to wrestle with all sides on the toughest issues in construction defect, soils, and insurance coverage cases. Don't expect an easy day (or night) with George; just expect him to give your case the best chance of settling.”

Howard Wollitz, Esq.
Charlston, Revich & Chamberlin LLP

Los Angeles, California