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"In a most charming and disarming way, George Calkins is able to wear down the parties to the point that they will do anything to settle the case--the obvious goal of a mediator. The key thing for me is that he got the job done."

Marilyn Klinger, Esq.
Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold LLP

Los Angeles, CA 90017

George Calkins is among the most experienced mediators/ arbitrators in suretyship practice and litigation today. He has extensive experience resolving complex suretyship-based disputes involving performance bonds, payment bonds and fidelity bonds. His suretyship experience includes bonds for public works and commercial projects, as well as underlying indemnity agreements. He has mediated numerous disputes among surety companies and principals regarding indemnitor responsibility to the surety for payments on performance and payment bonds.

Representative suretyship cases include the following complex disputes:

  • University of California at San Francisco Medical School, San Francisco (administration building: drywall/plaster contractor/surety dispute with contractor)
  • Japantown Peace Plaza, San Francisco (dispute between surety, principals of general contractor and the City and County of San Francisco)
  • City Hall, Walnut Creek (surety response to failed renovation/improvement project)
  • Municipality in Los Angeles County (performance bond surety dispute over multi- story parking garage)
  • Two major Southern California hospitals (disputes between contractors and sureties)
  • Five star hotel (dispute between subcontractors, their sureties and the general contractor)
  • City of Laguna Hills (agreement dispute between contractor and surety)

What other experts say…

"George Calkins should be on any construction lawyer's short list of mediators. His broad base of experience and thoughtful preparation for each mediation distinguishes him from his peers. His strongest assets are his credibility and tireless work ethic. He settles complex cases at every phase of litigation, and that is the measure of an exceptional mediator."

Bennett J. Lee, Esq.
Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald LLP

San Francisco, California

"George is a Closer, which is needed for a good mediator. Unlike other mediators who put their eight hours in and go home, George works hard 8, 10, 12 hours, or whatever it takes, often with follow-up effort in the days or weeks to come. George is in an elite group of only a few mediators in California we use voluntarily for our difficult and contentious construction claims."

Robert C. Niesley, Esq.
Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald LLP

Irvine, California